Monday, May 16, 2011

Me After Baby Lola

This is a picture of me one week after my c-section to have Lola born. It was January 29, 2011, so it was really six days after my surgery that my husband drove me 2 hours to be at my sister's baby shower.
It was a tiring trip, but I was feeling fairly well.

Here I go (Shrinking) Again

I was re-filled on May 4, 2011 after nearly a year of being mostly unfilled and pregnant. I did gain my weight back, all my own fault of course, but I really did not care at the time.
In fact, I felt great (not physically) about how I was carrying the weight. It wasn't until a week or so out from delivery that my figure went to hell. Not only that but I began putting on weight like crazy AFTER she came.

Well, now I'm back to 4 ounces at a meal, no soda, no bread, pasta, rice or potatoes for six days out of the week. I am still struggling to maintain a food diary, since I know it will play a crucial part in my success. So I'm logging in at 312 pounds today. I was 323 on May 4. I am trying to get all my water in and doing my best to stick with solid foods.
This time I have given up baked chicken and eggs because they ALWAYS stick. I can have canned chicken or some that's a softer consistency than baked. I am trying to find other things to think about than food.
So far, I am playing video games (no time for that before), and finding projects around the house. For example, I am currently taking all the photos stored in boxes and finding homes for them in albums and scrapbooks.