Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Literally Starting Over

Hmmm... kind of a bummer. I did not lose any weight, but I did gain some more. I am up way past what I started at the day I got my first fill. I still have weird swelling in my legs and all my old problems are back to boot.

I am going to kick start my weight loss this week by not eating solid food this weekend. Just soups and pudding type stuff. I'm sick that I'm practically immobile and have no desire to be in the public eye anymore. I tried to turn down having my hair done on my birthday because I did not want to walk through the mall. My mom kept prodding (not a cow joke) me to do it, so I finally called to see if they even had an available appointment, since we were just inside the mall having her glasses repaired. I am glad I had it done, but I feel horrible in public because I feel like a science project gone wrong, or a train wreck that everyone's gathering around.

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