Monday, November 15, 2010


This year has been trying, mostly on the employment end. I am still on lap hiatus as the baby is due in about 9 weeks :)
Today I am at home because my boss gave me a 3-day unpaid holiday. Yep, a 3-day suspension for not improving performance. I feel a bit inadequate sitting at home when I would normally be about to attend the morning Monday meeting at work-but I should be happy to have this little time off.
When I finish writing this I will gather my school work to finish my Statistics homework and maybe do an iron-on for my pregnancy t-shirt. I will continue trying to ready the house for baby's arrival and for my baby shower this coming Saturday, as well. I will try NOT to be down about being off from work.

I am up about 30 pounds, but that seems like the least of my headaches. I am determined it will come off quickly while I'm breastfeeding and eating my old diet of meat and veggies sans all the breads and sweets I've been including for the last few months.

If my mom reads this I don't want to discuss work issues, so don't call about them.