Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Healthier Eating

I am feeling great! I have not had one sticking episode and it's fabulous. I am going out to buy a new food scale this weekend so I will always have one to travel with. You must if you are going to adhere to 4 oz. servings.

I was able to have an apple for my afternoon snack instead of leftover office cookies :D Today I am going to try a banana (those got stuck too). Looking forward to more healthy eating.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Successful Unfill

I am soooo happy with my unfill. I think I should have been at this spot the whole time. Maybe I would never have been frustrated and hit that plateau. I mean, it did not happen until after I was having sticking issues, so maybe.
I can eat baked chicken! No sticking!! I can eat eggs! No sticking!! :D

My hubby and I are talking about trading in my car for a more family friendly vehicle. So far, we really seem to like the Chrysler Pacifica. Anyone drive on of these cars before? Of course, I will need to make an appointment to have my car appraised... and then there is the mourning period I will have to go through when I have to give my steel baby away. Not looking forward to it, really. Let's face it though, I had quite a bit of trouble getting my now 5-year-old in and out of my car and I do not want to have to do all that again.