Saturday, February 6, 2010


To revisit my last post on sticking - The nurse took out.5 cc and I'm all good! :)

The school semester has started and I am BUSY. Not only that, I have been suffering the worst - unknown cause - back pain for over a month.

In January I saw a neurologist for the first time and had a full set of labs run, and an MRI. She also requested a sleep study but I have not had that one yet. You see, I have been so tired for about two months. Closing my eyes on the road, when people talk to me and not being able to keep my eyes open past 11 p.m., even for school work!

At first I thought it was my age, but I constantly see others my age going round the clock and since I was becoming extremely unwell, I imagined something greater was wrong.

I was right, but wrong about what it was. I went in for my followup yesterday and the Nurse Practitioner came into see me and she was very serious. I was immediately concerned and then almost nearly 100% relieved when she said my back looked good and my kidneys were all good too. --only she was still serious looking and of course, my back pain was still unexplained.

Then she told me I am extremely deficient in Vitamin D, registering a level 7 when optimum is somewhere between 30-50... whoa. You see, without Vitamin D my body cannot process Calcium properly and for lack of a more scientific term, my bones are becoming soft. My muscles in my back and other locations are spasm-ing. My B12 is low and the NP said that is likely attributing to my lowest of the low energy level. It has taken several hours for me to type out this blog post, for example.

So much makes sense now, such as, why my arms would ache after pulling my wheeled backpack a few feet - literally.

Greatest threat of not getting the amount necessary of these vitamins? The Heart can stop functioning. yes, literally stop working.

So, ladies and gents with the band, don't merely get your fills, take your childrens' chewable vitamins, and lose weight. Approach your doctor about checking your vitamin levels before you end up in constant pain and fatigued as I am. I will update you on how I feel as often as I am able.