Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sticking too Often

OKAY!! I'm getting back on track! Finally!! After nearly 3 months of floating in the 240's and being unhappy about it, I have found my way back to the road of yellow brick, if you get my drift.

Yep, I let the Coca-cola back in with an overabundance of TV programming. I even had another fill last month thinking it would help. The only thing that happened was I was able to eat more of the bad foods than the good.

The sticking got so bad that I could not finish 2 ounces of eggs one morning and sat for 30 minutes hoping it would come back up soon. That sticky feeling is not fun and somewhat scary.

I had a .5 cc unfill and have been put on a liquid diet (4 days) and then soft foods for 3 days. My esophagus looked a bit wide on the X-ray so hopefully the liquid diet will give it time to normalize. I'm going back to always measuring my food portions, wish I had not let that habit go.

So, even though I'm a little hungry right now, I'll have a shake, a jello or water and wait until I can have my tomato soup at Noon.