Thursday, September 30, 2010

On Lap Vacation

I'm on a break from lap bandland stuff for the time being. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with my second child and my band was loosened quite a bit over the summer to accomodate the heartburn, indigestion and all that good stuff.

I am also still struggling with the full-time job for the she-devil, school two nights a week, and raising my five-year-old, so I apologize for not being around much. I hope all the lap banders are doing well i plan to be back at it around summer time 2011. Not any sooner because I plan on breastfeeding for awhile.

If anyone out there has tips on pregnancy and lapband I would appreciate hearing them.

Thanks, good luck to us all.

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  1. My comment just got erased.... so here I go again!
    Hi Maricela, quite understand your needing to concentrate on family matters for now. If you're interested in another bandit's experiences through pregnancy, try reading Tracey on She's interesting and very entertaining, and although she's had to have her band removed (because of her own peculiar circumstances), she still keeps in touch. Read back through her posts and see what you think. Hope you have a good year!


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