Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Healthier Eating

I am feeling great! I have not had one sticking episode and it's fabulous. I am going out to buy a new food scale this weekend so I will always have one to travel with. You must if you are going to adhere to 4 oz. servings.

I was able to have an apple for my afternoon snack instead of leftover office cookies :D Today I am going to try a banana (those got stuck too). Looking forward to more healthy eating.


  1. That's what I miss. Healthy eating. I love all the right things (just too much of them) - and now with the band I can't have much of it. So I'm envious!!

  2. Hi Caroline, they unfilled me to about 1/2 of what I was because I'm pregnant. I don't know if I would have asked for it otherwise. I am happy with the unfill because while I still eat small amounts of foods I missed, I get to eat them. Things like 2 tamales where once I would easily down 6-8 at a meal.

    Yes, I will still indulge in slightly unhealthy choices from time to time. :)


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