Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bad Boss

I don't understand, don't get it, and I'm ready to be on the unemployment line. (Emotionally, that is.)

For months I have been repeatedly disappointing my boss. It started with the first time I've ever done a contract, and the second... which happened to be in the very same month. That was last July. Since then she's ignored me, hounded me, given me lists on a daily basis, ridiculed me in front of staff and in emails to all office staff. She created a "sign out/in" sheet because there were several times I said I was somewhere that she couldn't "find" me. Even with the sign out sheet she's lost me a few times.

She wrote me up for leaving too many crumbs for the custodians to have to clean up... I'm surprised she doesn't have me followed to the bathroom to see if I'm using the toilet paper correctly. She says I disrespect her because sometimes I answer a question with "I don't know", so of course, now I have to say "I will look into that for you." I finally told her that I suppose she needs me to say "yes, ma'am" and Mrs. WhatsHerName to let her feel respected.

I have never purposefully disrespected her and I resent her comments like "people on campus think you are rude" when I have a good rapport with everyone else. This woman even declined signing a "Administrative Assistant's Day" card when the staff gave me one with flowers.

I have been working my tail off lately, even though I'm feeling yucky with morning sickness and still, when something less than pleasant comes across the wire and I'm there trying to help, she sends out an email to all thanking each of them individually to tell me she's not happy with me contribution. She's out sick this week, but I have a feeling I'm in for another "you just keep fighting my authority" speech. I'm effing sick of it.


  1. It sounds like she seriously needs to go on a management course to learn how to treat her staff. What a difficult time you're having. All you really need for it to work is for her to treat your fairly. Can't you go over her head and talk to HER boss? At least you don't have to put up with it for too long, with the baby on the way...

  2. Sounds like harrassment to me... may want to start documenting all of this and talk to your HR department. Seriously.

  3. It's so nice of you to comment, thank you. I have gone to HR and they are not much help really. I can't transfer, for one thing. I have to apply to other jobs available where I work and then cross my fingers another department is interested. Pretty lame.

    Her boss knows everything from my super's POV. I will just keep trucking and doing my best.


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