Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Suddenly Flatulent

Do any of you have this issue? What am I doing wrong? This is not only annoying, it's embarrasing. I feel like my office smells... I could be wrong... but dang.

I went to the bathroom and nothing happend whatsoever... I come back here and feel gassy again. Would a butt pillow help? I'm kidding, really. Only the flatulence is real.

Any tips from lapbandland are appreciated.


  1. have you been eating a lot of fiber? What abotu taking some gas-x strips? I have always wondered if gas-x helps you fart and thus rids you of gas, or if it makes the gas go away inside of you so you don't fart. It's a thought though1 lol

  2. I had this problem before the band on WW and after my doctor put me on an antacid pill. The smell was horrific and totally embarrassing. I found two ways of making the stink go away completely and the amount of gas improve greatly. One was an over the counter anti-gas pill. I took these for a while. I then switched to taking beano. One pill in the morning and I was good. If I remember correctly the beano pills are really small and can probably be chewed or crushed.


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