Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Destructive One

That Damnable TV. Comforting, Destructive and alluring... I loathe it.

When I first had my surgery on July 24, 2009 I spent a few days watching TV while I recuperated. Then I started to become all energy, always moving and my desire to watch any TV dropped to nil. Well, I slowly began reintroducing it into my life in October and by mid-November I hit a plateau and have stayed there ever since.

I blame TV. (yes, I'm completely blameless and a slave to the telly.) :P

No, I'm not that naive, however this phase of life is definitely connected and I have to set some boundaries, and serious ones.

No eating with the TV on
No mindless TV watching throughout the day
If there is a show I want to see, I will do it from the treadmill - If I can't walk the whole time it is on, I can watch the show later (DVR is a wonder)
The only exception is watching a movie with my husband.

I am notorious for eating while watching TV and that has cut my productivity level too.

Maybe this isn't necessary for some, and lucky you, but I believe these guides will help get me back on track.

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  1. eek...that is so brave. It sounds like a good idea but to really give up TV or exercise while I am watching it??? :) I don't know if I can do it!!! Yesterday I battled the same thing. As long as I keep the TV off while I am supposed to be working I can get something done. If it is on...I'm useless!!


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