Monday, November 15, 2010


This year has been trying, mostly on the employment end. I am still on lap hiatus as the baby is due in about 9 weeks :)
Today I am at home because my boss gave me a 3-day unpaid holiday. Yep, a 3-day suspension for not improving performance. I feel a bit inadequate sitting at home when I would normally be about to attend the morning Monday meeting at work-but I should be happy to have this little time off.
When I finish writing this I will gather my school work to finish my Statistics homework and maybe do an iron-on for my pregnancy t-shirt. I will continue trying to ready the house for baby's arrival and for my baby shower this coming Saturday, as well. I will try NOT to be down about being off from work.

I am up about 30 pounds, but that seems like the least of my headaches. I am determined it will come off quickly while I'm breastfeeding and eating my old diet of meat and veggies sans all the breads and sweets I've been including for the last few months.

If my mom reads this I don't want to discuss work issues, so don't call about them.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

On Lap Vacation

I'm on a break from lap bandland stuff for the time being. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with my second child and my band was loosened quite a bit over the summer to accomodate the heartburn, indigestion and all that good stuff.

I am also still struggling with the full-time job for the she-devil, school two nights a week, and raising my five-year-old, so I apologize for not being around much. I hope all the lap banders are doing well i plan to be back at it around summer time 2011. Not any sooner because I plan on breastfeeding for awhile.

If anyone out there has tips on pregnancy and lapband I would appreciate hearing them.

Thanks, good luck to us all.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shoulder pain

I have been experiencing pain in my left shoulder quite a bit after I eat. I have read that this referred pain can be a sign there is a problem with the stomach. My surgeon's office seemed clueless when i first brought it up, but I have read many posts on forums from lapbanders with this pain. I assume I am eating too much or eating too fast but sometimes I get pain after a small meal too, or drinking something other than water.

Last night I woke in the middle of the night from pregnancy induced dreams or maybe my husband's snoring... it's debatable. Anyhow, I noticed pain in my back directly behind the stomach area. It was not pleasant, kind of sharp and somehow gave me the impression is was rectangular. Yes, I got an impression that there was a definite shape to my pain. I am not sure what the surgeon's office would suggest because last time they said to see my PCP. I imagine they won't send me for an ultrasound and they won't X-ray since I'm pregnant. I suppose I can wait another day and see what transpires tonight.
I am making sure to eat small meals when I'm hungry and chew well.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth!! I'm hoping to have a great day out with my family, hope everyone has a good time.
Just back from breakfast with my husband and daughter, and now we are preparing to go to the History and Science museum to keep cool before fireworks in the evening. We will be attending the Miller Outdoor Theatre's event this evening. The symphony plays the 1812 Overture and then cannons fire. Afterward, the fireworks explode over the hill. It's breathtaking and a wonderful family experience.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Restroom Nasties

I really dislike seeing someone I know forego the restroom sink after sitting in a stall and flushing a toilet. It's disgusting because whether you touched your bodily fluids or not, someone nastier than you may have touched that toilet or door handle. eeeeewwww... and people wonder why I'm careful to NOT use my hands to open the restroom door.

Please don't be like most men you know, we're women, we are supposed to be smarter than that!

Bummer - then not so bad after all

I got bad news today. :(

I did not pass the TExES EC-6 Generalist exam. In fact, the minimum passing standard is 240 and I got a 238.

Looks like I will not be able to find a teaching job to begin in the fall. In a way it's okay because I am unsure whether changing positions right now will be a good thing since I'm 10 weeks along in the pregnancy. On the other hand, my salary would have doubled and I could have breathed more easily in terms of finances. I'm looking into my options for retaking the test today. Have a good week!

----15 minutes after writing this my husband called to tell me he got his store! He has been waiting patiently for almost a year as an overpaid assistant manager for a store to open up. A new one is being built and will be opening in a month, but luckily (it's a little bit of a drive) he's getting a closer one! The current manager is transferring to the new store because of her drive. This is so great! I'm so proud of my handsome hubby!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bad Boss

I don't understand, don't get it, and I'm ready to be on the unemployment line. (Emotionally, that is.)

For months I have been repeatedly disappointing my boss. It started with the first time I've ever done a contract, and the second... which happened to be in the very same month. That was last July. Since then she's ignored me, hounded me, given me lists on a daily basis, ridiculed me in front of staff and in emails to all office staff. She created a "sign out/in" sheet because there were several times I said I was somewhere that she couldn't "find" me. Even with the sign out sheet she's lost me a few times.

She wrote me up for leaving too many crumbs for the custodians to have to clean up... I'm surprised she doesn't have me followed to the bathroom to see if I'm using the toilet paper correctly. She says I disrespect her because sometimes I answer a question with "I don't know", so of course, now I have to say "I will look into that for you." I finally told her that I suppose she needs me to say "yes, ma'am" and Mrs. WhatsHerName to let her feel respected.

I have never purposefully disrespected her and I resent her comments like "people on campus think you are rude" when I have a good rapport with everyone else. This woman even declined signing a "Administrative Assistant's Day" card when the staff gave me one with flowers.

I have been working my tail off lately, even though I'm feeling yucky with morning sickness and still, when something less than pleasant comes across the wire and I'm there trying to help, she sends out an email to all thanking each of them individually to tell me she's not happy with me contribution. She's out sick this week, but I have a feeling I'm in for another "you just keep fighting my authority" speech. I'm effing sick of it.

Weight Loss while Pregnant

There was a woman on the pregnancy boards yesterday asking for help because she's losing weight while pregnant.You know, sometimes you want to slap those people. It cracked me up because she was at 202 pounds and lost 17 because she can only keep down fruit. Wow, I commented that I was cursed with an iron stomach and to count her blessings as long as she's getting the essential vitamins, she doesn't need to worry. I am not sure why she was too concerned since her doctor told her that it was fine.

I am feeling a little better during part of my day and I'm starting to make a list and schedule for what I should eat and when. I need to also write down all of my medications and see when I can arrange to take them daily too.
I am having a good snack of raisins (good source of iron) and then looking forward to Subway with my husband at Noon.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Treasure Lost

My husband's 2001 Mazda Protege was broken into last night. They stole his stereo, poor guy. He had bought that stereo about a year ago to replace the original that had shorted out. What really bites is that while we have lived in the neighborhood since December 2008, my husband just cleared out the garage enough to fit both our cars less than a week ago.

He was parking in the garage every night and then he bought a $20 dresser at Goodwill for our kiddos to share and left it in his parking space yesterday. Yes, so ONE night he decides not to park in the garage and some pissworm jumped at the chance to steal an old crappy car's decent stereo.

I don't know how many of you have been pregnant before, but I am at the incapable of taking any bull---- stage. I am even having dreams about taking on 'bad guys', which is funny cause I'm more likely to avoid confrontation and stay happy. (stress reasons) So, I am steadily growing angrier while my day continues... hope I don't snap at my boss. :D

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Healthier Eating

I am feeling great! I have not had one sticking episode and it's fabulous. I am going out to buy a new food scale this weekend so I will always have one to travel with. You must if you are going to adhere to 4 oz. servings.

I was able to have an apple for my afternoon snack instead of leftover office cookies :D Today I am going to try a banana (those got stuck too). Looking forward to more healthy eating.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Successful Unfill

I am soooo happy with my unfill. I think I should have been at this spot the whole time. Maybe I would never have been frustrated and hit that plateau. I mean, it did not happen until after I was having sticking issues, so maybe.
I can eat baked chicken! No sticking!! I can eat eggs! No sticking!! :D

My hubby and I are talking about trading in my car for a more family friendly vehicle. So far, we really seem to like the Chrysler Pacifica. Anyone drive on of these cars before? Of course, I will need to make an appointment to have my car appraised... and then there is the mourning period I will have to go through when I have to give my steel baby away. Not looking forward to it, really. Let's face it though, I had quite a bit of trouble getting my now 5-year-old in and out of my car and I do not want to have to do all that again.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Getting an Un-fill

Today I have an appointment to get an unfill. I sure hope I will be able to eat eggs without sticking. Does anyone else have issues with eggs?
I want to be able to eat chicken, eggs, and salad.

My main concern is making it until 3 p.m. just to get in to see them. I had to have a yogurt this morning to have my crushed vitamins, but I am pregnant and nauseous so I would love to sneak a saltine in or two. Has anyone ever NOT fasted before a fill or unfill?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting Pregnant can be a Headache

I don’t know how easy or difficult it has been for other lapbanders to get pregnant before surgery, but it was not a piece of cake either way for me. I realize now after months of just charting my cycle, testing my “fluid”, and checking my temperature, that I needed at least one more helper. Welcome, fertility monitor!

We used the ClearBlue monitor with the smiley face indicator for three months and then yippee! Finally pregnant.

It is important to note that you should have intercourse before that smiley face arrives, hence a good reason to track your cycle because then you have a clue as to when it may be happening. A-ha! Guess what? I use to track my period and fertility symptoms (get yourself a free account). Now, the site will tell you when it thinks you ovulate, but if I had never used a monitor I may not be pregnant now. The site predicted my ovulation at least two days ahead of the monitor every time. It predicts based on the average luteal phase. Makes me wonder if there really are any ‘average’ folks out there.

Okay, I’m not going to go on for brevity’s sake, but if you have any specific questions, just ask me. I am a very happy mom-to-be (again). I am also hoping for a VBAC, if anyone has experience (good/bad) please share.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Hmmm... I'm sorry for not posting recently. When I get busy with studies I just have to zone some things out. It doesn't help that my worklife has been in the crapper for the last six months too.

I am doing great, except I have not lost any weight. That probably means to many that I am NOT doing great. Well, whatever. I am actually thinking about asking the surgery center to release some of the fluid because ... drumroll ... I am pregnant! :D Yes, I am happy.

The reason I may want the realease is because I have GREAT difficulty eating chicken, among other things and I want to follow the diet my Obstetrician recommends. I sometimes eat the wrong things now because they are "easier" to eat than better choices. I am not sure what will be best for me though.

I will be seeing the doctor for the first pre-natal appointment on June 1. I am going to try and pay more attention to my blog and my food intake.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


To revisit my last post on sticking - The nurse took out.5 cc and I'm all good! :)

The school semester has started and I am BUSY. Not only that, I have been suffering the worst - unknown cause - back pain for over a month.

In January I saw a neurologist for the first time and had a full set of labs run, and an MRI. She also requested a sleep study but I have not had that one yet. You see, I have been so tired for about two months. Closing my eyes on the road, when people talk to me and not being able to keep my eyes open past 11 p.m., even for school work!

At first I thought it was my age, but I constantly see others my age going round the clock and since I was becoming extremely unwell, I imagined something greater was wrong.

I was right, but wrong about what it was. I went in for my followup yesterday and the Nurse Practitioner came into see me and she was very serious. I was immediately concerned and then almost nearly 100% relieved when she said my back looked good and my kidneys were all good too. --only she was still serious looking and of course, my back pain was still unexplained.

Then she told me I am extremely deficient in Vitamin D, registering a level 7 when optimum is somewhere between 30-50... whoa. You see, without Vitamin D my body cannot process Calcium properly and for lack of a more scientific term, my bones are becoming soft. My muscles in my back and other locations are spasm-ing. My B12 is low and the NP said that is likely attributing to my lowest of the low energy level. It has taken several hours for me to type out this blog post, for example.

So much makes sense now, such as, why my arms would ache after pulling my wheeled backpack a few feet - literally.

Greatest threat of not getting the amount necessary of these vitamins? The Heart can stop functioning. yes, literally stop working.

So, ladies and gents with the band, don't merely get your fills, take your childrens' chewable vitamins, and lose weight. Approach your doctor about checking your vitamin levels before you end up in constant pain and fatigued as I am. I will update you on how I feel as often as I am able.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sticking too Often

OKAY!! I'm getting back on track! Finally!! After nearly 3 months of floating in the 240's and being unhappy about it, I have found my way back to the road of yellow brick, if you get my drift.

Yep, I let the Coca-cola back in with an overabundance of TV programming. I even had another fill last month thinking it would help. The only thing that happened was I was able to eat more of the bad foods than the good.

The sticking got so bad that I could not finish 2 ounces of eggs one morning and sat for 30 minutes hoping it would come back up soon. That sticky feeling is not fun and somewhat scary.

I had a .5 cc unfill and have been put on a liquid diet (4 days) and then soft foods for 3 days. My esophagus looked a bit wide on the X-ray so hopefully the liquid diet will give it time to normalize. I'm going back to always measuring my food portions, wish I had not let that habit go.

So, even though I'm a little hungry right now, I'll have a shake, a jello or water and wait until I can have my tomato soup at Noon.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Destructive One

That Damnable TV. Comforting, Destructive and alluring... I loathe it.

When I first had my surgery on July 24, 2009 I spent a few days watching TV while I recuperated. Then I started to become all energy, always moving and my desire to watch any TV dropped to nil. Well, I slowly began reintroducing it into my life in October and by mid-November I hit a plateau and have stayed there ever since.

I blame TV. (yes, I'm completely blameless and a slave to the telly.) :P

No, I'm not that naive, however this phase of life is definitely connected and I have to set some boundaries, and serious ones.

No eating with the TV on
No mindless TV watching throughout the day
If there is a show I want to see, I will do it from the treadmill - If I can't walk the whole time it is on, I can watch the show later (DVR is a wonder)
The only exception is watching a movie with my husband.

I am notorious for eating while watching TV and that has cut my productivity level too.

Maybe this isn't necessary for some, and lucky you, but I believe these guides will help get me back on track.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Suddenly Flatulent

Do any of you have this issue? What am I doing wrong? This is not only annoying, it's embarrasing. I feel like my office smells... I could be wrong... but dang.

I went to the bathroom and nothing happend whatsoever... I come back here and feel gassy again. Would a butt pillow help? I'm kidding, really. Only the flatulence is real.

Any tips from lapbandland are appreciated.