Saturday, September 26, 2009

My First Fill

Had my first fill yesterday, and the worst thing was that I attended the Vietnamese Association's Mid-Autumn festival and couldn't eat a thing. Felt a little rude, actually.

I guess I was somehow nervous because they had to test my blood pressure three times. Nurse was saying that it was 144/95 or something. I have never had high blood pressure, so I wondered about that.

I went in for the fill and they mentioned i was "wide open" when I drank the barium for the x-ray. I'm not exactly sure how "filled" I am now. They were saying numbers like 5-6 so I'm not sure if that's where I am now.

The nurse had me lie on the table and she prodded a bit for my port. She said I would feel the poke and a stinging, but I didn't notice a thing.
Anyway, the second time I took the barium it went through slowly and the technician noted that a little went back up.

The women in the room with me were remarking on how much weight I've lost, as if it were unusual, actually. They kept praising me, so I thought they might be schmoozing me a little bit. I mean, since pre-op date I've lost 54 pounds and overall I've lost 69 pounds.

Chron Scope

My chron scope today...

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Being kind takes no effort for you -- it's just who you are. An observant friend will point this out along with more of the invisible habits you are not so aware of. It feels nice to be noticed in this way.

It's nice to hear that. I wasn't always kind. I think it took years of humiliation and defeat, being ignored by others helped me become a more talented thinking machine. haha

Contemplation is my past time.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Yesterday I started The Biggest Loser Challenge at my college. This is going to be fun... I think. Of course, it is not supervised workouts or a structured eating plan like on the show. Merely a weekly weigh-in and contest between a few good people who signed up.

My new International friend, Abhinav has signed up for the challenge and a friend (acquaintance, actually), Shine is signed up too. Both Abhi and I need to slim down but Shine is already very slim. I think he's interested in losing a few more pounds and it's fun to compete, right?

I stepped on the Tanita Body Composition Analyzer and it spit back my weight, BMI, Fat%, BMR and the desirable ranges... yeah, those aren't close numbers as you may have guessed =P

As a result, I have done the leg press for the first time in this gym today, plus I did standing lat pulldowns to get ready for pullups, I did 30 girlie push ups, lateral raises, and tricep pull extensions. When I stand up at my desk now my quads are so sore! I love it.

Here's the picture I have turned in for the challenge!
I have been milling around the 260's this month (no fill last month) so on Friday I have my first fill. I'm so ready for it, baby!