Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tanita Body Scale Results

Okay... I have been gone awhile. Work had me stressin', school was in full tilt mode, my personal life was taking hits, and my health was going down.

wow... that is a lot. hmmm... worst habit to wind it's way back into my world? Television. Remember I was completely uninterested? Yeah, didn't last. Now, I find myself trying to gorge for no reason. Scheduled to see my lapband folks next week cause I'm scared I'm screwing up too much. Let my workout slack because my boss has been watching me like a hawk around here. She's the only thing that makes it irritating to work here.

Oh, well.

My weight got down to 242 for the Biggest Loser Competition and I was the winner of the program with a fat mass of 114.4 at the end. :D

I was in the hospital the day before Halloween for ingesting too much hard liquor...heehee, not funny.

I was in the hospital twice more since then when TWO kidney stones decided to come to the party. I am vowing to WALK on my treadmill during the next tv show I watch... hold me to that, please.

I am graduating with my BFA on Saturday! I am also starting my Master's program in January. :P Exciting as it is, it's stressful. I am trying to focus again on the non-food stress relievers and need a fill to help me focus. :D

Those are the quick catch up-kind of things you needed to know. Have a great week! I'll be back after graduation to tell you how I'm doing.


  1. Holy have been gone a long time! :) You are looking great though in your picture with your hubby.

  2. Good to hear from you!! You look great in your picture. Congratulations on your graduation!!

  3. long time no post :) you are looking great and congrats on the BFA and good luck with the Masters program!!

  4. Thank you all, I am definitely still working toward my goals, just some of them tie me up too long. I expect to be back into the swing of things real soon--that includes visiting my blog and all of your blogs too!


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