Monday, December 21, 2009

Leo Forecast by Holiday Mathis

LEO FORECAST 2010: You've suspected for some time that you are capable of much more than your circumstances have allowed you to accomplish. This year you blow past the barriers you made for yourself. Your fighting spirit helps you rise up against the oppressive influences of your past. You attack your projects with a new ferocity and succeed quickly where you once failed.

Money and Career: You'll develop your image as a leader. Your efforts will be characterized by an attitude of assertiveness, resourcefulness and creativity. You will learn to talk to colleagues in a way that honors, encourages and motivates them. Overtime or a side job brings in more money in January and March. Philanthropy opens professional doors. Get involved on a community level.

Love: The fire in your soul will ignite your personal life with passion. March brings a move that energizes many sectors of your life at once. Loving commitments will be made in June. Family additions come in November.

Personal Development: The environment around you enhances your beauty and attractiveness. You are just as industrious about creating a beautiful place to live (your physical body and your home included) as you are in other endeavors.

---Okay, so I think it's time to set goals and why not merge Mathis' ego-pumping forecast into the plan?

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  1. Hi Maricela - just to wish you very happy Christmas, and well done on what you have shed so far...

    A hug from Caroline


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