Sunday, September 13, 2009

Where I'm At


I thought I was doing okay, so I did not take the first fill... now I'm not really losing. I've kind of hovered in the mid-260's since...

bummer? yep. However, I was given the go ahead to start weight training, which I did the Monday following my non-fill appointment. I'm working all my muscles and I couldn't be happier about it. I'm still fitting into smaller clothing, and I love that. I will patiently wait for my next fill date...

and not eat out so much. during the week I'm sticking to my 4 ounce meals (have been) of chicken or fish and veggies... I do usually add a 2% slice of pepper jack cheese for deliciousness.

Anyway, I started losing again, so maybe it was mostly because I was weight training again after so long...

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  1. I'm envious that you're losing without a fill - perhaps you're one of these lucky people who only ever need a tiny bit to feel the right restriction... (I have 9.25ml, and I need more).


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