Monday, September 28, 2009

TLC Lindora's Morning Message

Has anyone signed up for the 10-week TLC by Lindora program? I signed up yesterday and I did learn something today. First, what a ketostick is, although I can't imagine wanting to buy this product. Second, a wealth of information regarding headaches, dizziness, carbs and hunger after surgery. So I have included what I read in this morning's "message" from the site.

Are you feeling hungry? If so, have more healthy protein servings from your protein list. As always, avoid high sugar or high fat liquid foods such as milkshakes or smoothies. You may need to plan a protein snack between meals. It's always a good idea to keep some handy. Choose lower carbohydrate snacks if you are reaching the high end of the range for ketosis and monitor your hunger closely as it could be a sign that you need an adjustment.

Have you had any headaches? Some people experience headaches when they attempt to keep their carbohydrate intake too low, so be sure to have at least 50 grams, but not to exceed 100 grams, of carbohydrates per day. Don't wait too long between meals. Caffeine withdrawal can also cause headaches, so if you choose to decrease your caffeine intake, do it gradually! Another cause of headaches is a low sodium (salt) level. Bouillon cubes contain a good amount of salt, so try having one or two cups of prepared bouillon a day. Another reason to add salt is if you are feeling lightheaded or dizzy, especially when standing. People who don't have high blood pressure may need to add salt during the Weight Loss phase.

Are you feeling any muscle weakness or cramping, or general muscle fatigue? These symptoms can be a sign of low potassium. Please read about potassium in the Phase One Weight Loss chapter. Most people doing the program report that they feel best when they take three (or more, if needed) over-the-counter potassium tablets every day in addition to their vitamins. Be surer to follow the recommendations from your surgeon regarding additional supplements. You can purchase potassium at most drugstores, health food, and grocery stores, or through We want you to feel "great" during your program, so be sure to pay attention to what your body is telling you.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I did not even know about that program before. In regards to ketosis, this is an important part of the Atkins diet. Atkins was the only weight loss program that ever worked for me and I am trying to continue a low carb lifestyle... You can get Ketosticks at any pharmacy, I believe they are manufactured by Bayer. Again, thanks for sharing!

  2. You can usually sign up after your first fill has taken place and you have your lapband identity card.


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