Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Goal

I've been thinking I should show off a driving force behind where I know I'm headed, physically I suppose.

I have a picture I look at from time to time that used to be a good motivational tool, but now I don't need as much. I still want to resemble her when it's all said and done though. I don't know how reasonable that goal is since she is in high school forever more.

That girl was me. I remember looking at that photo once upon a time and not seeing a beauty. Boy, was I blind. I actually think I may even be better looking than her someday soon...



  1. What a lovely photo - and the dress is absolutely stunning too. You'll get there, you'll see.

  2. Gorgeous... of course, you're already there inside! And very soon will be there in the "shell" too... keep up the good work!!!

  3. Hey there, Maricela
    Found your blog while reading Stephs. I have to say you really are a lovely looking lady.. and the dress is stunning. Look forward to reading more posts and watching you transform over time.


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