Saturday, September 26, 2009

My First Fill

Had my first fill yesterday, and the worst thing was that I attended the Vietnamese Association's Mid-Autumn festival and couldn't eat a thing. Felt a little rude, actually.

I guess I was somehow nervous because they had to test my blood pressure three times. Nurse was saying that it was 144/95 or something. I have never had high blood pressure, so I wondered about that.

I went in for the fill and they mentioned i was "wide open" when I drank the barium for the x-ray. I'm not exactly sure how "filled" I am now. They were saying numbers like 5-6 so I'm not sure if that's where I am now.

The nurse had me lie on the table and she prodded a bit for my port. She said I would feel the poke and a stinging, but I didn't notice a thing.
Anyway, the second time I took the barium it went through slowly and the technician noted that a little went back up.

The women in the room with me were remarking on how much weight I've lost, as if it were unusual, actually. They kept praising me, so I thought they might be schmoozing me a little bit. I mean, since pre-op date I've lost 54 pounds and overall I've lost 69 pounds.


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I will have my first fill in 10 days and I did not know what to expect. I am glad to read that it was not painful. Wow, you have lost a lot of weight... Congratulations! You are truly an inspiration!

  2. Make sure you always measure your food. If you have a chocolate vice, like me, then definitely have a chocolate version of your protein shake. Exercise daily when you're able, and weight train as soon as you're allowed.

    and, Thanks!


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