Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Yesterday I started The Biggest Loser Challenge at my college. This is going to be fun... I think. Of course, it is not supervised workouts or a structured eating plan like on the show. Merely a weekly weigh-in and contest between a few good people who signed up.

My new International friend, Abhinav has signed up for the challenge and a friend (acquaintance, actually), Shine is signed up too. Both Abhi and I need to slim down but Shine is already very slim. I think he's interested in losing a few more pounds and it's fun to compete, right?

I stepped on the Tanita Body Composition Analyzer and it spit back my weight, BMI, Fat%, BMR and the desirable ranges... yeah, those aren't close numbers as you may have guessed =P

As a result, I have done the leg press for the first time in this gym today, plus I did standing lat pulldowns to get ready for pullups, I did 30 girlie push ups, lateral raises, and tricep pull extensions. When I stand up at my desk now my quads are so sore! I love it.

Here's the picture I have turned in for the challenge!
I have been milling around the 260's this month (no fill last month) so on Friday I have my first fill. I'm so ready for it, baby!


  1. That is awesome! Congrats on adding the physical part in. I only do that sporadically (spelling?)

  2. There's nothing like a bit of gentle competition to get the weightloss going. It's great the way you always make it sound like each stage is an adventure!

  3. Caroline: It is an adventure! I sometimes feel like I'm traveling through time and when I emerge I'll be 17 again, only smaller! yeah, right.


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