Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Are You Eating?

I am about four weeks out from surgery now and I'm just interested in knowing what some of the band old-timers eat on a daily basis or at a meal or two.

I'm still weighing my meals religiously, having only 3 and one protein shake daily. Anyone do anything different?

I have also been able to refuse (and even be disinterested) in my vices: popcorn, coke and chocolate.

The Muscle Milk Chocolate shake does help with the last one. :)


  1. For lunch I usually stick to leftovers from the night before. So, a piece of chicken breast, or refried beans, or a casserole with hamburger meat and potatoes, or a hotdog and some fruit, or my fav...and hamburger patty with cheese on top. For dinner I eat about the same.

    I have never weighed my food and don't track online (although that really helps some). For breakfast I eat a yogurt or usually a fiber bar. YUM!

  2. After a month I was eating most foods (except pastry and pasta), but in cautious quantities. I've never weighed or counted - at 56 I've done that far too often throughout my dieting life, and I'm fed up with it. I find that as long as I respect the basic rules (steer clear of high calorie foods that slide down too easily, eat slowly, leave a time gap between eating and drinking) the band does the rest and I lose a modest but steady 1-2kg per month. At my age that's brilliant, and I'm not complaining.
    I don't have breakfast, but start my lunchtime sandwich at my desk at about 10.30 (actually it's a half sandwich, with cheese or tuna; ham is no good, sadly). It takes about half an hour to eat. Something like a banana at 1 p.m. & I consume a small thermos of coffee throughout the day. Sometimes I'm tempted by a sweet or two if they're around. At home, depending on how strong I'm feeling, I have either soup, or yoghurt, or a protein such as some chicken or 2 sausages or 2 fish fingers with mash potato and beans, or a plate of salad with prawns. Occasionally strawberries with a bit of sugar on them to finish, or if none available I pinch a couple of John's crystallised gingers - and that's it. I don't go anywhere near the kitchen after this, and John (bless him) washes up.
    Sorry, I've rambled on too long!

  3. i start my day with a diet coke. About an hour later I have a piece of cheese. For lunch I have some sort of sandwich (1/2). It is either grilled cheese or turkey and cheese. Sometimes I have a snack in the afternoon. It is either more cheese or a protein smoothie if I am at work or 94% fat free popcorn mini bag if at home. For dinner I have 2-3 oz of some meat product (usually fish or chicken). I also have a few bites of some vegetable.

    If I have not had the smoothie during the day I have it at night (either a home-made onewith fruit and vanilla whey protein or water and chocolate caramel whey protein) I will have the popcorn if I have.

    Now I might have bits of sweets becasue i do love them occasionally but the band stops me from eating too much of anything bad.


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