Friday, August 21, 2009

That Crazy Girl

I was a rambunctious, gullible and “crazy” girl until I graduated high school. Then I started eating more often and moving much less. I slowly went from an extroverted, life of the party type person, to an introvert. The more I gained, the worse I felt, the more I tried to lose pounds the less it worked.

I’m losing that introvert now, more quickly than she probably desires.
I’m not eating to control feelings anymore, which may be the root of the problem I’m experiencing.

All these things were gone until I started losing so much weight:
adrenaline shakes (I get real shaky "performing" in front of people)
Impulsive nature and boldness.
activity level (I mean hell, I didn't know what this was until recently) All of a sudden, I'm making time to join in on school activities, even when I'm spent.

Oh, and I'll always be gullible.

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