Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sit & Be Fit

Since my lower back pain started with continuous stress to the feet, my doctor prescribed the workout provided by Mary Wilson on Sit and Be Fit. If you are familar with PBS at all, you have probably run across this show at least once. I was not thrilled at this advice because I've laughed at that show before. I mean, what kind of workout is that, really?

My doc also wrote "Inactivity is your enemy" on the notes she gave me. While my back pain is ebbing into my day as I type, it was almost 100% absent this morning when I woke up.

Maybe because I did the Sit and Be Fit workout last night? This is probable. I also had a foot massage before bed. I wonder if that contributed. I will get to test how well the the exercise makes me feel tomorrow morning because I know I won't be getting a foot massage tonight.

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