Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Roses to the Sweet

Tomorrow is my 34th birthday! Time does fly...

Last night my husband presented me with an absolutley breathtaking vase of roses, with a card that read "I will love you until the last pedal drops." First, I was perplexed and amused by the conditional sentiment and misspelling of petal. But then I realized that the flower dead center was a nice fake rose, whose petals will never fall.

Aaaawwww, sweet.


  1. I was like...wait a minute...that's not very long...but the fake flower makes it all better! TOo cute!

  2. Oh very sweet...
    Happy Birthday tomorrow!!

  3. Wow... Maricela - sounds like you have a good one there! And happy belated birthday to you as well... thanks for checking in on my progress and your sympathy about losing the girls... (hee hee hee)


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