Monday, August 10, 2009

Lower Back Pain Kills Me

Did anyone else who had lapband have lower back pain? In April, I started walking on the treadmill at least 30 minutes for 3-4 days a week and then I started noticing pain in my lower back. It grew gradually worse and by the end of two months I gave up the exercise.

The pain may be connected to a pinched nerve or strained nerve (so the doctors say), and it probably involves the feet because I have plantar fasciitis and 2 heel spurs. Then again, those things might not matter and it is just the amount of weight torturing the back, the leg (which is sometimes numby and uninterested in doing activities) and the feet.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had something like this and if it got better as you lost weight. please say yes.

Yesterday evening was not so fun because i was trying to sit and watch Harry Potter in IMAX and I was twisting and bending all night long. I did have a little fun though. my husband had one of those movie size bags of M&Ms and he dropped one right into my hand. I pretended like I was going to eat and enjoy it but he snatched it back. It was cute & funny.


  1. I haven't had that particular problem, but if you have a look at a very funny Australian lady called Nola ( whose blog is called "From here to anxiety" - you can also reach it from my blog favourites - you'll see if you go back a bit that one of her chronic problems was back pain, and losing a lot of weight has made a great difference. Or you could ask her.

  2. Thanks Caroline, I just might have to do that.

  3. So you had the back pain before the surgery? I had lower back pain due to my weight. If I would walk, even a small distance (say a block) I would get pain in the small of my back. It hurt! After I lost probably just about 20-30 pounds it just disappeared! I didnt even realize it was gone until my doc asked me about it.

  4. Well, I've already lost 30 pounds, and it hasn't let up. Maybe it will just take a few more.


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