Thursday, July 30, 2009

IKEA Misadventure

I have spent the morning working in the garage for tomorrow's sale and I am beat. I am not hungry in the slightest, but I should probably have a protein shake anyway.

Yesterday went well until I found myself stuck at IKEA because my car wouldn't start. There was nothing with me to drink that I trusted other than water and I was becoming hungry. I had already watched my husband and daughter share a plate of chicken tenders and fries! I was carrying Goldfish crackers in my bag and they are a snack I often indulged in... yum yum...

but I didn't cave. Heck no! Ruin this band? Regurgitate my food? Heck no! Nothing tastes THAT good.

Today is day 6 out from surgery and I feel pretty good. Not really hungry, more of a small feeling of missing out on food. My focus has already shifted from what's breakfast, what's my snack?, What's lunch? etc., to What can I get done right now? What can be done later? Since I literally can't eat and know I'm not allowed to eat, I don't have it weighing on my mind anymore...


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