Saturday, July 25, 2009

How I Came to Have Surgery at True Results

I tried to get approved for lap band in 2007 through True Results because I had lost the gallbadder and my foot broke right after that, from nothing more than walking on it. I was frustrated.
I had an evaluation at that clinic and then the insurance claimed there was an exclusion and I couldn't afford the surgery on my own. I tried again in 2008 when my husband and I had new insurance. No good, exclusion.

I started having extreme nausea that came in waves, I was also lightheaded that made me slow way down at work. I had a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy on February 27, 2009. This showed a hiatal hernia. Unfortunately, I did not know then that could be the key to having insurance pay for most of the surgery. I was just not feeling well at all and kept visiting my PCP. When I wasn't getting great results from these visits, no answers, I decided to take care of myself by going to the Fitness Zone located in the student services building of the college.
I went 3-4 days a week and walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I noticed a small backache setting in soon after I started. It escalated painfully when I went on my period and I wasn't able to sleep. I had a full work up done (about 10 tests) for my doctor - and everything was within the normal range she said, except my triglycerides were high.
I continued my workouts and started to add weight training back into my life.
Next, I requested help with my growing back pain and was told the Xrays were normal and she suggested I see and orthopedic surgeon. Frustrated I continued my workout and consulted with my podiatrist. He had suggested to me that the plantar fasciitis and two heel spurs were probably causing the back pain. Soon my feet were hurting non-stop, 24/7 and I gave up the workouts all together. I mean, hell I was only walking!

I told my husband I was having so much pain walking and afterward (was even given a temporary handicap parking pass) that I was ready to give up & eat whatever I wanted-just let it all go.
A picture of my mom with Madeline & Oprah Winfrey in wax.

He didn't like that idea, so then I started researching the lap band procedure again. When I mentioned to my mom how desperate I was and how willing I was to give up, she worked out way to pay for the surgery in cash, which is a greatly discounted rate. I could feel my depression ebbing back into my life and I was in no position to argue with her.

When my depression starts I begin to imagine people I love being hurt in horrific ways. These vivid images are so awful, I hate to repeat anything I see.

I chose Dr. Ken Hollis because I knew he was affiliated with Southeast Memorial and True Results. I visited with him on July 7 and he suggested exercise would not be enough for me. (I already knew that). My mom and husband accompanied me to the appointment so they would have an idea about what to expect. They scheduled my surgery for two weeks away and told me to get started on the pre-op diet.

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