Saturday, July 25, 2009

Diets I've Tried

Things I've tried to lose the weight.

Regular diet, watching calories
Jenny Craig
Weight Watchers
Slim Fast
saw a food therapist
Something else normally prescribed for migraines-side effect is loss of appetite
Weight Watchers again
Meal Delivery - lost my gallbladder when the weight came off to fast.
Synthroid - (for hypothyroidism) still take it. It's supposed to help. but I guess not so well.
saw a surgeon for Gastric Bypass in 2002, he thought I wasn't ready to do it & my company also decided to excluded WLS earlier that month.
tried limiting caloric intake and stepping up to exercise... only I did too much and ended up not continuing
I joined 24 hour fitness, but after awhile I noticed the staff wasn't really as friendly as they made out.

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